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Vitoria-Gasteiz is the perfect set, its streets and buildings make the city an enviable set. Handia (the giant of Altzo) of the directors Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga awarded 10 goyas in 2018, the celebrated “The Silence of the White City” by Daniel Carpasoro and starring Javier Rey and Belén Rueda, the Gypsy King of Juanma Bajo Ulloa or “Vitoria, March 3, 1976” by Victor Cabaco. have been shot on our streets.

On this route we want to link cinema to our passion for literature. Several are the books that speak of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Toti Martinez de Lecea describes the medieval city in his novel “The Street of the Jewish Quarter” where the Jews of the city were recessed in the fifteenth century. In this book a building stands out above the others, the house of the Cordon of the fifteenth century. In “Under the Shadow of the Temple” the author brings us closer to the Cathedral of Santa Maria or “the old one”, the name used by the Vitorians. And very close appears the Square of the White Virgin, the Arquillos or the Plaza del Machete environments related to the trilogy of Eva García Sáenz de Urturi: “The silence of the white city”, “The rites of the water” and the “Lords of time”.

We will travel through time by the hand of the book “Crazy Who Don’t Seem So Much” by Julio Corral San Román and “El sacamantecas” by Jesús Del Val that tells us about the darkest story of Vitoria with characters such as the Sacmantecas of the early nineteenth century or the settings of Alvaro Arbina’s novel “The Woman of the Clock” that takes us to the war of Independence against Napoleon.

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The route starts in the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. Two are the main streets through which our journey of cinema and literature in Vitoria will take place. Cuchilleria Street and Herreria Street. And both linked by two squares, the Virgen Blanca and the Plaza de la Burullería. A walking itinerary with several stops. One of them in front of the statue of Ken Follet. The same one who wrote “The Pillars of the Earth” and who names in the thanks to the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation in “An Endless World”. The prestigious writer sets his book in the fictional town of Kingsbridge and spins the novel around a cathedral. But his head is in this cathedral… The one in front of you.

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