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You will discover the greenway of Vasco Navarro in one of its sections. In Guiartu we have divided the route into two: one part-time and one full-time. The greenways are a good way to get around by bike safely and in Alava we are lucky enough to have one that makes it easy to connect in a safe way. Another point to note is that these old railway paths run through rural environments and that makes the cyclist quickly connect with the environment.

We are located in the Llanada Alavesa, crossing roads since time immemorial. It remains today and the Navarrese Basque helps us understand this with a north-south direction (Tramo I) and West-East (Tramo II). We on this route will follow the direction Bergara to the port of Arlaban.

In the natural environment, the amarita oak tree, the riverside forests of the Zadorra River or the Ullibarri Gamboa reservoir stand out

As for the cultural heritage stand out 5 farms of the Vasco Navarro (some private) and others that are kept stoicly; the Romanesque cover of the church of San Esteban Protomártir in Durana or that of Saint Martin in Luko.

We invite you to enjoy this environment in the best way possible. Cycling

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The tour starts in the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, heart of the city looking north until linking with vasco Navarro at the height of Gamarra. The railway crossed the city, but urban growth wiped out any vestige of it.

One of the first stops is next to the greenway map to get a glimpse of what you’re going to see. We leave behind the town of Vitoria-Gasteiz crossing the Zadorra River. During these first kilometers we will cross the agricultural landscape of La Llanada Alavesa. It passes through Durana station, of which only the station of the stationmaster, converted today as a bar, is preserved.

The greenway continues its straight path towards Retana where we see the site today converted into private housing. At that point we leave the greenway for a few kilometers to approach by a low traffic road to the Ullibarri Gamboa swamp dam. We cross Amarita and its oak-island. Poplars, willows, alders and maples appear along the Zadorra River.

We continue to the dam where the views are worthwhile. A bucolic image with the dam on our right and the village of Ullibarri Gamboa and the Sierra de Elguea in the background is one of the most photographed panoramas of Alava.

We pedaled next to the waters of the reservoir on a safe path separate from the traffic until we reach Landa. In this town we make a stop at the bar and return by the greenway that we left a few kilometers ago.

Schedule and dates

The route takes place every day at 9:30


What's included

In the price is included:


Bicycle (E-bike optional)


Saddlebag and padlock.

Not included in the price:

Drinks/pintxo during the tour

How to book

Book as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially on bridges and holidays.

Book at least one day in advance.

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