If you like to enjoy the countryside we propose a simple walking route through the okina-Saseta gorge. This round trip travels along the Ayuda River. Along the way we will find indications of the “GR-38: Wine and Fish Route”. This trail links the Rioja Alavesa, with the Alavesa Mountain and the Cantabrian Sea, where the smugglers traveled in mules and marketed with fish, coal or wine.

The Ayuda River, makes its way through the mountains of Vitoria with a south direction, forming a narrow valley between the towns of Okina and Sáseta. In these 5 and a half km of route the river presents small waterfalls and pools, running the path between trees at low altitude above it. The presence of travertine deposits and a varied forest of whining, oaks, and beech trees makes the road very entertaining.

In times of rain and thaw the scenery is beautiful, but we recommend this road at any time of the year.

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We pick you up in Vitoria-Gasteiz and head to the small town of Okina. The first 500 mt. from the route, from the last house of Okina is a paved path. But soon it narrows and nature becomes the protagonist. The rock and water welcomes us all the way. The profile is flat and does not require technical preparation. We follow the route until we reach Sáseta, at this point, we can stop to replenish our strength or return on our own steps. The traveler is given two options to make lunch: end the 11 kilometers lunch in Okina or make the stop in Saseta at 5 and a half kilometers.

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Reservations must be made one week in advance.

Important: I reconfirm the output by email or By WhatsApp

The tour can be accompanied by children (up to 10 years free) and pets.

Minors must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Backpacks can be rented for babies (6 euros).

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