Vasco-Navarro II


On this route you will cross small rural villages of La Llanada surrounded by fields of potatoes, beets and cereals. On our right we see the Montes de Vitoria that follow parallel to the stretch that we travel and we reach 3 km to the site of Otazu, the work of the chief engineer of the construction of the railway, Alejandro Mendizábal.

We continue pedaling to Aberasturi and Andollu where we take the 2 km branch that takes us to the Sanctuary of Stybaliz, jewel of the Romanesque and which houses the patron saint of Alava, the Virgin of Stybaliz (size of the XII century).

We descend the road again and continue towards Trokoniz, Erenchun until we meet the Laminoria tunnel. Here we have no choice but to leave the greenway and ascend a steep mountain path (17%) to save the sunken tunnel in several sections.

We have left behind the Llanada Alavesa and we are in the Alavesa Mountain at the point that divides the Montes de Vitoria and those of Iturrieta. We are surrounded by mountains. We descend to Maeztu where we taste a menu with local food.

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We will discover one of the most interesting stretches of Vasco Navarro when crossing from the plain alavesa to the mountain.

From the agreed point in Vitoria-Gasteiz we head east looking for the old layout of the Navarrese Basque. The first kilometers of this stretch run through cereal fields that give way to forests where oak and beech predominate. This route was traveled by the “trenico” until 1967 carrying passengers between Bergara (Guipúzcoa) and Estella (Navarra).

Along the itinerary we will see several of the train’s parking lots, without a doubt the most outstanding cultural heritage in this stretch. Some stations have been converted into private homes, others in social centres and some have fallen into oblivion.

Just 12 km. we will visit the Sanctuary of Stybaliz, one of the jewels of the Romanesque Alavés and a good time later we encountered the tunnel of the minority, today sunk in several sections and that we solvent up a strong stretch of land. Maeztu will be the end of the route.



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The route takes place every day at 9:30


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Bicycle (E-bike optional)


Saddlebag and padlock.

Country appetizer: with cider/juice km. 0, pate, cheese, ham, chorizo, wood-fired bread.

Coffee in Maeztu

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Drinks for the tour, not included in the price

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