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Sensory Routes are a service for the inclusion of the collective of the blind and visually impaired in nature. The itinerary we offer adapts perfectly to the needs of this audience where the visual context disappears and perception comes into action through touch, smell and hearing. We reinforce the descriptive story on a tandem guided tour. The goal is to give people with different degrees of visual decrease the possibility to access the nearest nature through a support such as tandem. We want to “listen” to nature through the singing of birds, the smell of plants and the touch of the physical environment. We visited the Ataria Center, gateway to Salburua Park.

We support the route on information maps printed in Braille System.

We have the support of volunteers and technicians from the O.N.C.E who have advised us to perfect the route.

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The tandem tour starts in the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, heart of Gasteiz. We will pedal to the south of the city advancing from Olarizu, towards Salburua, a peri-urban park east of the city. It is the jewel of the green ring that surrounds Vitoria-Gasteiz, this route provides different emotions and sensations at each time of the year. Come and meet her at a pedal stroke and enjoy her in an active, fun and healthy way.

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To book, please contact us.

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