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All our payments are made in the bank transfer or PAYPAL 48 hours before the start of the activity. Payment can be arranged at the beginning of the activity on the walking itineraries. For groups from 10 people there may be discounts on the initial rate. See if members of large family, young card and student card, unemployed, disabled and pensioners have discounts in each case, upon accreditation. Please note that discounts and price reductions are not available for PayPal or credit card payments.

A signal equivalent to 20% of the total price of the trip is mandatory to book a multi-day adventure.

To confirm an adventure, 100% of its cost must be paid no later than 20 days before starting the adventure.

The cancellation and return policy is marked by the commitments already made by Arturo Martínez with the outsourced suppliers for each trip; Hotels, Restaurants, Materials, Transportation…

+ 15 days before starting the trip, return s 50% total price of the trip minimum.

Between 15 and 7 days before starting the trip, return 50% total price of the trip.

– 7 days before starting the trip, return 20% total price of the trip.

In any case, each case will be analyzed in a particular way in order to find the best possible solution.

The activities we offer at GUIARTU include guided walking tour, bike tour, rickshaw (private car or bus contracted by third parties) by a professional tour guide and the tickets or accesses described in each case. The services included in the itinerary are specified and not included the entrance to other buildings and / or monuments, tastings (menus, pintxos, desserts and / or drinks), transfers or any other extras not specified. The planned entry to the places included in the description is subject to availability by date, time or scheduled event.

Places are limited, therefore it is necessary to request the prior reservation of the service. Guiartu reserves the right to admit those who come without a confirmed reservation. The booking request must be made through the tfno. 616 203 656, 945 012 860, WhatsApp 616 206 656, sending an email to or via the form on our website We respond and confirm your request so that the booking is confirmed. When purchasing the activity or receiving the confirmation of your reservation you must check that the visit, date, time and other details are correct.

If there were, a heel with food vouchers, museum tickets, overnight stays etc… will be delivered by the guide at the beginning of the activity.

If you wish to cancel or modify the reservation you must contact us through tfno 616 203 656, 945 012 860, WhatsApp 616 206 656, sending an email to as early as possible, as we may not accept exchanges or refunds less than 24 hours in advance, except in the case of causes of force majeure or not attributable to the customer.

Visits should start at the indicated time. It is advisable to go 10 minutes before the start time of the visit, to start on time. Please, if for any reason you are delayed it is advisable to notify.

It is necessary to stay within the group at all times and follow the directions of the guide. The guide shall not delay the visit except in the case of causes of force majeure or not attributable to the customer. The organization will not be responsible for accidents that may occur during the course of the visit by recklessness of visitors in the buildings and places included in the route. The organization also reserves the right of admission in the face of uncivious attitudes or disrespecting the environment, group or guide, without the right to refund the amount paid. Guiartu reserves the right to take legal action in the face of uncirific attitudes carried out under the contracted activity

Guiartu cares about making inclusive tourism and we take into account in our tours the architectural barriers for people with physical and visual disabilities. Please note that this is a case of wheelchairs or baby cars.

Not all visits are suitable for children. Please inform yourself in advance.

Pets are welcome on our tours, but throughout the tour must be tied, controlled and following local regulations. It should be noted that some monuments, bars, accommodation… may ban entry with pets and in that case you will have to wait outside with them. The organization reserves the right of admission of the pet owner who exhibits annoying or dangerous attitudes. Please inform the pet in advance of the presence of the pet at the visit.

To take pictures or record video, please notify the guide.

Visits may be cancelled if there is no minimum quota of 4 participants on foot visits, except for exceptions. In case of not reaching the minimum we will inform you of the cancellation in advance. For this it will be valid to send a text message or voice to the contact you have provided (email and/or mobile phone number). The organization also reserves the right to modify or cancel the route and / or activity, entrance to monuments and scheduled schedules, for justified reasons that will be exposed to the participants before each departure.

In case of cancellation of a visit, for reasons not attributable to the customer, the possibility of exchange for another of equal price, which the user can choose, provided that there is availability of places, or refund of the amount paid. In case of alteration of the itinerary or duration during the course of the visit, for reasons beyond the control of the organization, the change or refund of the amount of the same will not proceed.

We reserve the right to develop or modify these General Conditions at any time, so the user must read them prior to the purchase of the service. Likewise, participation in our routes and services implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions.

Commitment by Arturo Martínez:

Provide more detailed information about the trip as a whole once a prior contact has been confirmed.

Provide all the necessary information regarding the required material to the participants for the correct development of the contracted trip.

Assist our clients with accident insurance during the course of the activity, but we must remember that it is NOT health insurance with other types of health coverage which we recommend hiring customers at source.

Delivery and Professionalism by those who are part of Arturo Martínez’s value chain on each trip.

Develop the trips in the agreed terms, and in case of making any changes, this must be justified, seeking the best possible solution at all times matching or improving the quality of the trip.

Commitment on the part of customers:

Provide us with all the necessary information through a previous questionnaire to get to know you better; Physical condition, incompatibilities, skills, tastes… and thus be able to guarantee the best of experiences.

Respect the decisions made by the guides in their faculty as the ultimate leaders for climatic reasons, physical problems of some participant, lack of adequate material…

All participants assume the inherent risk of traveling and outdoor activities, being the guides responsible for minimizing these risks and making the relevant decisions at all times to the safety of the participants.

Participating in our travels implies accepting the terms, concepts and commitments set out herein.